LED Tri-proof Wall Lights IP65 10W

This tri-proof wall light can be applied to cruise ships, boats, food factories, freezers, gas stations, subways and other places for lighting.

  • IP65 IK10
  • Imported materials with high light transmission rate and pressure resistance
  • Minimum -20℃ low temperature environment use
  • Low voltage DC safe to use\
  • Anti-glare design


Product Features:

  • The base is made of special AES material, which has excellent weather resistance even when exposed to sunlight long time use under outdoor UV, moisture, rain, sunlight and ozone can maintain stability without painting and surface protection, and will not fade.
  • The material is made of Japanese Mitsubishi PC UV resistant material with high light transmittance and high impact resistance.
  • Protection level: IP65 IK10
  • The inner surface is designed with crystal dots to provide anti-glare, soft and comfortable light.
  • The ultra-thin structure design makes the ceiling light suitable for installation in small spaces.
  • The low DC input voltage ensures safe application.

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:



Product Specifications :

ModelDimensionVoltagePowerPFLumensCRIWorking TemperatureIP Rating Light Source
JR-400400*100*32mmDC-12/24/32V10W0.9≥1200lm≥80-20℃~50℃IP65 IK10SMD2835

Product Details :




Product Application :