LED Mini Tri-proof Square Wall Light Emergency Function IP65 20W

This tri-proof wall light is suitable for workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, gas stations, garages, docks, underground parking lots, pedestrian bridges and other semi-outdoor places.

  • High Lumens up to 120lm/w
  • IP65 IK10
  • Pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Minimum -40℃ low temperature environment use
  • Radar sensor optional


Product Features:

  • Mini design, emergency instructions three-color button.
  • New imported PC raw materials, the product anti-UV, VO level flame retardant.
  • Protection level: IP65
  • The interior wall of the lamp Ling crystal bump design.
  • Lamp anti-glare not harsh.
  • Light source: SMD2835.
  • Beam angle: 180 °
  • Input: AC100-277V
  • Microwave sensing: optional response
  • Emergency power supply: 5W.10W.18W.60 minutes / 90 minutes / 180 minutes optional

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:




Product Specifications :

ModelDimensionVoltagePowerLumensCRIPFWorking TemperatureIP RatingLight Source

Product Details :




Product Application :