LED Tri-proof Lights IP68 For Poultry lighting

This tri-proof light is suitable for ranches, ships, slaughterhouses, freezers, farmhouses, and other places.

  • High Lumens up to 150lm/w
  • IP68
  • Pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Lamp housing made of rigid PMMA
  • Minimum -40℃ low temperature environment use
  • Emergency power supply optional
  • Radar sensor optional


Product Features:

  • Luminaire efficiency 100-150lm/w (optional)
  • Waterproof, anti-corrosion, UV resistance, protection level: IP68
  • Lamp housing passed 2500V voltage resistance test
  • Lamp housing by rigid PMMA plastic improved extrusion molding, lamp head by 304 stainless steel stamping molding, high strength, resistant to stamping, acid, alkali, salt, grease, ammonia, high temperature steam, etc.
  • Round tube surface smooth design, the residue of the disinfection solution to meet the high standard requirements, easy to clean, the characteristics of the luminous angle (210 °). Lamps can be continuously connected in series of 20, can be quickly plugged into the line connector, easy and time-saving installation.
  • Working environment (-40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃), can match the external emergency power, full power when long light, emergency 5-10W, emergency time 90-180 minutes.
  • Can match the radar sensor, you can do the car to light up, the car away from the full or slightly bright.

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:


Product Specifications :

ModelDimension (mm)VoltagePowerPFLumensCRIWorking TemperatureIP & IKRating
JR-SF02-60600*80*86100~277V20W0.9≥1800lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP68 IK10
JR-SF02-1201200*80*86100~277V40W0.9≥3600lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP68 IK10
JR-SF02-1501500*80*86100~277V60W0.9≥5500lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP68 IK10

Product Details :



Product Application :

Installation :

We provides surface mounted and hanging installation.