LED Tri-proof Lights For Food and Drug Frozen Storage

This tri-proof light is suitable for factory workshops, offices, food and drug freezers, shopping malls, supermarkets, textile factories, or anti-corrosion areas.

  • High Lumens up to 150lm/w
  • IP65
  • Lamp housing made of rigid PVC
  • Minimum -40℃ low temperature environment use
  • Emergency power supply optional
    Radar sensor optional


Product Features:

  • Luminaire efficiency 100-150lm/w (optional)
  • Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, protection level: IP65
  • Lamp housing passed 2500V voltage resistance test lamp housing by rigid PVC extrusion molding, high strength, resistant to acid, alkali, salt, grease and other corrosion.
  • Low temperature environment (-40 ℃), can match the external emergency power, full power when long light, emergency 5-10W, emergency time of 90 minutes.
  • Can match the radar sensor, you can do the light on when people come, people go all off or slightly bright.

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:


Product Specifications :

ModelDimension (mm)VoltagePowerPFLumensCRIWorking TemperatureIP

Product Details :


Product Application :

Installation :

We provides surface mounted and hanging installation.