LED T8/T12 Tube For Poultry Lighting Pig Lighting IP67


This T8/T12 lamp is specially suitable for pig farms, cattle farms, food factories, pharmaceutical factories and other places, which have special applications for the acid and alkali corrosive environment brought about by the frequent need for disinfection.

  • IP67
  • Beam Angle:180°
  • CE CB ROHS Certification
  • 3 Years Warranty


Product Features:

  • Light body material selection of new imported Japanese Mitsubishi PC plastic, adding special corrosion-resistant raw materials, ammonia resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
  • Plastic wrapped aluminum structure design, the lamp is not easy to deformation.
  • Protection level: IP67
  • High light transmission of the lampshade, uniform luminescence, soft light, no glare, no strobe.
  • With dirty, easy to clean, not easy to aging, long life and other characteristics.
  • Structural waterproof design, easy to install, solid, reliable.
  • Light source: SMD2835.
  • Beam angle: 180°.
  • Input: AC100-277v
  • Microwave sensing: optional

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:

Product Specifications :

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