LED Linear Tri-proof Lights SF08 Series IP65 20W 40W 60W

This linear tri-proof light is Suitable for workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, garages, docks, pedestrian bridges and other semi-outdoor places.

  • High Lumens up to 150lm/w
  • IP65 IK08
  • Pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Minimum -40℃ low temperature environment use
  • Radar sensor optional



Product Features:

  • Luminaire efficiency 100-150lm/w (optional)
  • Fireproof PC lampshade, anti-UV material, making the product safe and reliable
  • Protection level: IP65 IK10
  • The lamp head tail cover adopts rotary switch design, the lamp installation, use and maintenance is convenient and quick.
  • Lamp head internal use of three-wire quick terminals, lamps and lanterns can be used in series.
  • SMD2835 light source, 0.5W chip, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, low light decay, long life.
  • The lamp adopts the structure of plastic wrapped aluminum, the shell is safe and does not leak.
  • Waterproof connectors can be used with 5-pole quick wiring, interoperable inside and outside, and products can be connected in series for easy manual installation and use.
  • Emergency power supply: 5W.10W.18W. 60 minutes / 90 minutes / 180 minutes optional.
  • Dimmable light: 0-10V/DALI/Traic optional
  • Adjustable color: 3000K/4000K/6000K switchable at will.
  • Microwave sensor: optional

Product Structure:


Light Distribution Curve:



Product Specifications :

ModelDimensionVoltagePowerPFLumensCRIWorking TemperatureIP Rating
JR-SF08-60600*90*73AC100~277V20W0.9≥1800lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP65 IK10
JR-SF08-1201200*90*73AC100~277V40W0.9≥3600lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP65 IK10
JR-SF08-1501500*90*73AC100~277V60W0.9≥6000lm≥83-40℃~50℃IP65 IK10

Product Details :



Product Application :


Installation :

We provides surface mounted and hanging installation.